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How Sprig Works

Our Sprig shower infusion systems install in just minutes and work with our signature shower infusion pods. Step into your senses and infuse your mood with something new.

Pick a pod.

Choose one of our six essential blend experiences—filled with natural botanicals and self-care ingredients like hyaluronic acid—and bring the infusion pod with you into the shower.

Do the twist.

Place your chosen pod in the Sprig device and twist clockwise until the pod clicks into place. Turn on your shower and bring the water up to your desired temperature.

Step into shower bliss.

When you're ready, press the button on the front of the device and Sprig will release a measured dose of the blend. Take a deep breathe, relax, and enjoy as you experience the combination of aromatherapy and self-care.

Sprig Shower Infusion Systems

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Shower Starter Kit

Keep your current showerhead and add Sprig shower infusion functionality in under 15 minutes with the Sprig Shower Infusion Starter Kit.

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Handshower Upgrade Kit

Replace your current showerhead and upgrade to a KOHLER Awaken handshower with the Sprig Handshower Infusion Upgrade Kit.

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Meet your escape pods.

Get familiar with our six signature infusion pod blends and find new and fresh ways to expaaaaand your moments throughout the day.

Sprig Essentials

How to Install Sprig

This is how you do it.

Install Sprig

Wondering which Sprig device is right for you?

Head on over to our device selection page to get more details on each of the Sprig systems.

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